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A blood distinctively

– Path quite sensitive digestion.
– It is recommended to be vegetarian or eat a high carbohydrate and low fat.
– Stress can usually be overcome through meditation.
– His immune system is not as strong as type O.
A group owners are advised to consume a food that contains little lectin. The owners of this blood group has a stomach with low lectin content. If the excessive intake of lectin, it is feared would disrupt the health of the stomach. In addition, those who are blood group A produces more mucus than other blood types. This situation raises the risk of allergic type diseases, such as asthma, ear infections, and respiratory disorders.
Foods that are recommended are from the vegetable group. Animal sources can be obtained from fish and chicken, this too is limited by the amount and frequency. Milk is recommended fermented milk (yogurt or kefir), cream without fat, natural cheese, eggs in limited quantities (of the type of organic chicken or eggs), fats in limited quantities, nuts such as walnuts, seeds, almonds, natural soy milk. People with blood type A is supposed to reproduce eat vegetables and fresh fruits.


Spinach and broccoli, and lettuce are some vegetables that are very useful for people who have blood type A. If you get bored with the usual preparations, you can see the recipe to make fruit and vegetable juice in order to produce one type of drink which is very nice and helpful. Like this one juice, Guava juice Sexy, mix juice, starfruit and guava juice produces a beautiful red with a delicious flavor. But unfortunately, for you are very fond of the orange but has a blood type A, you should avoid it because orange is less good for your blood group A.
Foods that should be avoided because many contain lectin or foods that can stimulate the body to produce lots of mucus is a white seafood such as squid and a white snapper, beef, milk, processed cheese industry, red beans, nuts, Tolo, bread, cookies cookies, cakes, potatoes, cabbage, mangoes, papayas, citrus imports, and bananas. Materials are also processed foods like sausage, corned beef, beef jerky, ham, and bacon, corn oil, peanut oil.
Blood type A distinctive feature
– Having a relatively sensitive digestive systems.
– Must avoid foods made from milk and meat products
– It is recommended to be vegetarian or eat foods high-yield carbohydrates, but low in fat.
– Minimize stress with meditation, or non-competitive sports.
– Quite a lot of rest.

The recommended diet
– Breakfast: white water mixed with lemon juice + Oatmel
– Afternoon Snack: Grape Juice / Coffee
– Lunch: Salad + Bread Wheat one-piece + Herbal Tea
– Afternoon Snack: Rice Cakes two pieces of + Green Tea
– Dinner: Pasta without meat + Broccoli + Yogurt + Herbal Tea



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